Our goal is your goal: to move easily and gracefully through the changes in life, at ALL ages and stages!

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NASMM National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers

Downsize/Right size/Simplify


Go back to the basics. Make simple adjustments. Decide what you truly need. What you want your life to look like. Let us help you get started.

Right size

Reducing your space and/or ‘things’ until you have the most important ones left for your current lifestyle. You ask yourself ‘what’s most important’? Let us help you get that ball rolling.


What items can I part with? What spaces do I use the most? Let us sort the treasures with you and share the stories that go along with them. These steps help you in preparing for a possible change ahead.


Remember, it’s up to YOU…but having a partner, a sounding board and creating a little momentum gets you focused. The little ‘homework’ here and there will make it all possible.


Make a plan, prioritize the tasks. What do I want to use this space for? What do I need in this space? Partner with our team to have your end goal be your true reality.


One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong…you know the tune. Arrange, choose, decide what still brings you JOY! An extra hand from one of our teams can help you manage the process so much quicker.


Keep, save, or give away…this is key! Our helpers work with you, making the decision process easier.



Safely, professionally, timely, and efficiently pack up your belongings for the transition of your choice. A supply list and supplies can be provided. An Inventory breakdown of items and placement can also be provided. This one step alone can ‘save the day’ for your move. Our team of packers have over 5.5 average years of experience.


Gently and efficiently unpack your treasures. Whether in-state, out-of-state, packed by our crew or their crew, we make it happen. We take away all discarded supplies, boxes, etc. from the jobsite. Our goal is to help you transition with ease and feel ‘right at home’ as soon as possible.



Whether in-state or out-of-state we can provide a plan. We typically provide 3 different options to choose from. Don’t be bashful…ask us about those options.


Sometimes it’s in-house at a community, sometimes it ‘out-of-the-house’ to another community, this can happen with ease too. For those relocations, we prefer the 1-2-3 ‘Quik Pak’ and move option. For the larger projects, we prepare a relocation timeline, moving plan and can set up the actual move too.

Cleanup/Clean Out

Clean Out

From attics to basements, Phase 1, 2, or 3 the job can be completed one phase at a time. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Enjoy your life! Clean out the ‘stuff’ that drags you down. We can plan and execute the perfect timeline with you.


At the end of the day, the end of a job or the end of a move, there needs to be a cleanup. We can accommodate that cleanup in several different ways. Let us help ‘sweep the house’ clean.



Planning furniture and items that will fit appropriately in your floor plan. We can help select from those items you already own or we can help you shop and select new choices.


Partnering and exploring new ideas and solutions for moving, organizing, décor,’ etc.

Set Up/Staging

Set Up

From home to home, or home to community, our team will help set up your space. Recreating your previous look, design and layout. Familiarity is warm and cozy! Our team will have your bed made up, your toothbrush by the sink and all ready for you to ‘spend the night’. Creating your ‘home away from home’ is our JOY!


We use your items to display, enhance and maximize your home’s best qualities to get ready for the market. We know timing is of the essence. One foot in front of the other! Let’s work together to make it a win/win!

Estate Sale Assistance

What can I do with all this stuff? Is there enough for a sale? Great questions. We partner with our connections to evaluate, plan and hopefully feature your estate for a sale. The process can take as much as 6-8 weeks.