Meet our Team

Our Aging in Place teams work with you and your family to fulfill your goals.

Kindness is not an act, it is a reflection of your soul.”


Our team is full of people just like you and me. Moms & Dads, sons & daughters, sisters & brothers, Aunts & Uncles.

Each team member has their own strengths and weaknesses, but when we ALL work and serve together we WIN!

Different skills, talents, passions, goals, and even emotions create the best team. Team members have worked in corporate planning, office management, real estate, service industries, sales & marketing, and technical & building trades.

Our well-trained teams implement the systems we have developed to make your project run smoothly and efficiently. We will deliver an individually tailored and personalized plan customized to meet your personal needs.

We provide guidance and hands-on support every step of the way. Our teams are committed to being respectful, compassionate, and sharing kindness.

A Note from Angie & Kevin

One thing is certain if given the opportunity, we all get a little bit older each day we live. What’s great about that…LIVING! Choosing to embrace your journey. Being active in making that journey all you want it to be.

We are so excited to be traveling down this path in our life as the new owners of Aging in Place Services. The best part is we are not traveling alone. We are happy to say that our family is also a part of this journey. After years of home-schooling, raising our family, and ministering to the senior population, we now have the best of both worlds. Family serving families!  

In doing anything well, passion is key! Passion helps drive commitment, excellence, and enthusiasm. That is one thing that sets Aging in Place Services apart. Our desire is to serve with passion, kindness, and care.

Aging in Place Services was founded in 2011 by Sara Beth Warne. She has a passion for helping others and originally formed the company to offer creative and individually tailored design solutions for the 55+ market. She is now officially enjoying traveling, her family, her friends, and retirement (she still loves a good project).

We now not only focus on the older adult, but are focusing on the continuing change and life transitions in anyone’s journey, at any age. Striving to give the best service, creating memories in each new moment, and experiencing JOY in the JOurneY!

Remember, it’s…Always the right move when it’s for YOU!

Kevin & Angie Durr